An Amazing Work Day!

A HUGE thanks to the eighteen people who spent this Sunday morning cleaning the Patch. We started with a long list of things to do and everything on the list was completed today! Rocks were raked, weeds pulled, the small shed and tunnel bag box have been painted white, the light poles in the parking lot have been painted white, and the driveway has been filled in with rocks. Kristina Newman brought her truck and brushed the turf so it once again looks dark green and 'fluffy'. The land behind the west wall was a mess! Weeds were knee high and one of the mesquite trees was taking over everything, so weeds were taken down with a weed eater plus some weed killer, and a chain saw took care of

Website Updates

The results of the final (December 14-16 2018) JCAC agility trials were just posted on our 2018 Results Page. In addition, the premium list for the first NADAC trials of 2019 (January 18-20) was added to our Events Page. Remember our January AKC trial close December 26th so don't miss them! #Results #Premiumlist #NADAC #AKC

2018 JCAC Holiday Party

Approximately 40 people attended the JCAC Holiday Party held at Kelly and Kara's home. We dined on smoked turkey and ham, and all the fixings that went with it. Following the awards presentation we exchanged gifts, but there was more exchanging than at a regular party, with the original owner not necessarily ending up with what he/she started with.! In November of 2007 the club recommended the presentation of special awards to individuals who have gone above and beyond the normal day to day activities within the club. Sooo, at the Holiday Party in 2007 four President Awards were given: They were Pat Booker, Bruce Ward, James Bell and Roger Coor. In December of 2017 the recipients were: Ju

Website Update - Results

FINALLY!! The results from the Turkey - oops - we mean Thanksgiving NADAC trials are now available for viewing. Sorry for the delay but the webmaster had a couple of very good excuses for being late. Thanks for your understanding and patience! November 23 - 25th 2018 Thanksgiving NADAC Trial Results #Results #2018 #NADAC

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