Website updates - Results

The results from JCAC's January NADAC agility trials held January 17-19, 2020 at Paseo Verde Park have been posted on our Results 2020 page. Photo Credit Ron Boe. #Results #2020 #NADAC

Website updates - Events

The premium for JCAC's February 28-March 1st NADAC trial at Paradise Valley Park has been uploaded to our Trials and Events page. You can also click on the graphic below to link to the premium. Remember - it's a Leap Year! #2020 #NADAC #Premiumlist #LeapYear

Website updates - Results

The results from the JCAC's AKC K9 Cares agility trials held January 10-12, 2020 have been posted on our Results 2020 page. Photo Credit Ron Boe. #Results #AKC #2020 #K9Cares

Running Order - K9 Cares/AKC Trial

UPDATE The first judging/running order that was posted earlier today didn't contain dogs' and handlers' names. The test secretary has now provided us with a new printout which is posted here. The judging/running order for the January 10-12, 2020 K9 Cares AKC Agility Trial is now available. Click here. ​ Note: 1. The 4" Masters dogs will run with the 16" group...the software won't let the test secretary separate them in the running order. 2. The recipients of the K9 cares funds are Valley Fever Research and Ryan's Case for Smiles. #K9Cares #RyansCaseforSmiles #AKC #2020 #ValleyFever

Website Updates - Events

Three new events were added recently to the JCAC trials & events page: Premium for a NADAC Trial, Feb. 8-9/20, which features Jr. Handlers & Jr. Alumni only on Saturday & open to all handlers on Sunday Premium for JCAC's first AKC Scent Work Trial Feb. 15-16/20 Scent Work Workshops on February 17-18, 2020 #2020 #Premiumlist #JrHandlers #scentwork #NADAC #AKC

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