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NADAC Changes are a comin', 2019

Chris Nelson has put on the NADAC forum a video with some changes to NADAC effective in January 2019. Here is a summary:

1. They are instituting “NADAC Certified Trainers”. To qualify, you have to attend a 2 day clinic and demonstrate certain things. This seems mostly geared to private trainers, rather than clubs like ours.

2. At a trial, you can have a “play” ring where for a fee, you can get about 1 ½ minutes in the ring to play.. This is geared mostly for young dogs. There will be a minimum age, probably about 6 or 8 months. It will require an additional ring monitored by a club member, and with equipment.

3. They are introducing a new award, geared for dogs who struggle to achieve a NADAC because they can’t get Chances Q’s. You will be able to get an Achievement award with the usual Regular and Jumpers legs plus 200 points in NADAC Chances for a Silver Achievement Award, 160 points in Open Chances for a Gold Achievement Award. You could still get the Elite Chances legs for a NATCH.

4. Training in the Ring will change. As of 1/2019, once you go into training mode, you will have 60 seconds total and you can train as many times as you want, but you have to leave after 60 seconds from the start of your run.

5. Grandfathering and Regionals – Regionals will continue but change (he didn’t specify how they will change). This one was a little hard to follow from the video but if someone sends NADAC a higher title from another venue, they can compete at Elite at a Regional. Regionals will only offer Elite and Open levels for Regular, but all levels for the other classes.

6. Attention show secretaries - Premiums will be required to follow a standard form from NADAC, and must contain preliminary run orders, but they can be changed if needed at a trial.

7. Gates to enclose the ring will be OK, and a dog can earn a Q even if the gates are closed. However, a dog can still be E’ed for inattention or delay of trial.


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