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Register for 2018 Fall Classes Now!

Applications for fall agility training classes are now open and live!! You may notice some design changes but they are intended to make it easier and clearer to fill out. Please note that there are now 4 (four) different applications, depending on which type of class you're signing up for OR if you are an Instructor or designated club official.

  1. General Class Application for our general classes

  2. Foundation and Relationship Class application

  3. Jr. Handling Classes (only 2 sessions per year)

  4. Instructor's Application

Please note that applications for classes starting the week of September 24th (except for the Foundation & Relationship Class) are due September 9th. If you don't register by that date, you will be assessed a $10 late fee per dog starting September 10th. Avoid the late fee and sign up before September 9th!


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