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A new season of agility training and trialing is about to start. As you prepare for this year, take a moment to reflect on last year and how you can make this year better for both you and others.

Do we need to be more patient?

Do we need to be more supportive and encouraging to our fellow competitors?

How about mentoring a new handler?

Volunteering to help is always needed!

Do we thank those hardworking show secretaries, course builders and chief ring stewards?

Have you considered becoming an instructor? We are always in need of regular instructors and substitutes.

Make a note to attend club meetings. We always have something to discuss about the running of the club and its finances.

Jumping Chollas is a large club with almost 200 members. You won’t see all of them during the year, but you will come in contact with many of them. We don’t wear name tags, so introduce yourself to people you don’t know. They will appreciate hearing their name.

Thank you for being a part of Jumping Chollas, we appreciate you! Have fun this year, work hard in your class and most of all, hug your dog!

Alice Nicholson


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