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Jan. 2020 AKC Trials - Updated Premium

The premium for the JCAC of Greater Phoenix's AKC All Breed Agility Trials has been updated to reflect some significant changes in the running order. The updated premium is posted on our Trials and Events page but you can also click on the cover page below to download it. (Continue reading below . . . )

To better accommodate those running Novice and Open they did not have to have an early morning run and then a late afternoon run...we asked AKC if we could adjust the running order. We very recently received word that we here is the new running order. Note....the judges are still judging their same classes...just in a different order.

Fri...delay Ring 1 until Premier JWW runs in Ring 2

Ring 1 MAsters Stand, Prem. Stand., Open Stand., Nov Stand, T2B

Ring 2 Prem JWW, Mast. JWW, Open JWW, Nov. JWW, FAST


Ring 1 T2B, Prem Stand., Mast Stand, Open Stand, Nov Stand

Ring 2 Mast JWW, Prem JWW, Open JWW, Nov JWW, FAST


Ring 1 Prem Stand, MAst Stand, Open Stand, Nov Stand

Ring 2 Mast JWW, Prem JWW, Open JWW, Nov JWW T2B

If you have already entered the show and, after seeing this change you either wish to add or delete classes (or your entry entirely) please email me personally at Remember...we can work out things folks! No need to stress! This show closes on Friday, December 27th. And you can drop off entries at my house until 6 pm that day. (Hint....the address is on the premium...for those of you who were thinking of emailing me to ask where I live! :-) )

Happy Holidays!



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