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2020 Jr Handler NADAC Trial

2020 Jr Handlers

Today we held the 14th Annual Junior Handler JCAC NADAC Agility Trial, in Phoenix AZ. We had 15 wonderful competitors, and their 21 canine partners. They ran 7 courses, each with 4 different skill levels (elite, open, novice and intro). Our Adult Volunteer crew was awesome - THANK YOU!!! - our Judge Mike and Chief Course builder Yvette Marie, kept things moving forward. Our Trial Secretary Ann Hammersly had the results out in record time! Miss Tine Sommers kept us well fueled and hydrated with yummy snacks and warm beverages that helped chase the chill away. Monica Garrett took hundreds of photos (including the group shot) that she is busy editing. Special thanks to my co-teacher Ruth Wilson Demar who has picked up the things I've been unable to do with my eye issue. You don't have to ask her, she just takes care of things!

I thought this morning, as I watched and celebrated with the young people, what an awesome group! Success was an attitude, no matter what happened. They were trading dogs, and giving less experienced kids a chance to run with a trained dog. We handed out a lot of placement and "Q" ribbons, some new title ribbons, some "first Q" and "first title" trophies.

Thank you also to the parents and grandparents who make it possible for the kids to get to class and to trials. I know you make sacrifices to make sure your young people can take part in events.

And finally, thank you to JCAC, for being a club that supports our young people. There would not be a JH Program without your financial support and encouragement. Becky Gilbert JCAC JH Program Coordinator


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