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K9 Cares a Huge Success

Thank you to each and every one of you who helped in both big and little ways to make the K9 Cares AKC show a great success this past weekend. The show this year was dedicated to themory of our dear friend and Jumping Chollas club member Myra Judd. Myra was going to haveen chair of this show. And today would have been her birthday. I can't think of a better birthday gift to give her than a weekend full of so many people showing so much kindness, cooperation, volunteerism, hard work, and just plain fun with our dogs.

Thank you to everyone who came early to set up, and stayed late to tear down. Thank you to those who generously contributed prizes for the workers' raffle. Thank you to those who worked tirelessly to keep the rings, the score table, and the raffle running. Thank you to those who weren't even running a dog, but just came out to help, and to honor Myra. Thank you to our judges who developed so many nice courses, and adapted so readily to our crazy Covid schedule. Thank you to all of the exhibitors who went with the flow, and put up with a bit of confusion as we figured out how to make a limited gathering and socially distanced two-ring show work. Thank you for wearing your masks, keeping your distance, and minimizing your time at the site. These efforts will help ensure our continued use of Sahuaro Ranch Park.

I hope everyone went home with a few ribbons, Qs, or raffle prizes; but far more importantly, I hope you went home with personal victories and success for you and your dog, with fun memories, and with strengthened friendships.

A portion of the proceeds from this show will be donated in Myra's name to Phoenix Children's Hospital Pet Therapy Program--another passion of Myra's where she volunteered countless hours. Thank you all for your part in making this possible.

--Carol Ketcherside

K9 Cares Show Chair


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