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  • Lisa Hansen

    We were very very saddened to learn that long-time JCAC member and recent Club Treasurer, Lisa Hansen, passed away in December 2021 after battling breast cancer for 5 years. She was passionate about agility and was always seen helping out and competing at our trials, along with her husband Mike and their dogs. She is greatly missed by all who knew her. Our deepest sympathies to her family and friends. RIP Lisa.

  • NATCH-Apalooza Recap

    Wow, what a wonderful weekend @ WestWorld. The NATCH-Appalooza trial was a huge success with almost 1300 runs. We had 3 jam packed days of nothing but fun for dogs and handlers. Can’t wait till next year. Thanks to Scott Casino for coming out to judge and designing some wonderful courses for us to run all weekend. It was an absolute pleasure having Scott judge our new style event. Thanks to all of the Trial Officials; CCB’s Mike & Craig, Trial Secretary Wendy, CRS’s Amanda, Beth, Julie, Wren, Hospitality Diane, Agility Gate Kristina, & Trailer Transport Susan/Steve for all of their hard work. I could not do it without you all. Additional Thanks to Kristina Johnson for designing the fabulous event shirts. Thanks to all of the workers who filled all those ring positions each day. With out all of you we could not have kept the trial running so smoothly. Thanks to Lisa & Debbie for doing such a wonderful job with the Jr Handler raffle. All their hard work did not go unnoticed. Over the weekend they earned over $1300 for the JH Program. 👏🏻 Thanks to Ron Boe for taking all of the wonderful action photos all weekend long. Roughly 8000 photos were taken over the weekend WOW. Please check out Ron on Facebook to see all the photos. Also make sure to thank him. There were many achievements big and small over the weekend. Some getting their 1st qualifying run, some getting their 1st title, & some earning multiples. We also had several dogs/handlers earn a NATCH over the weekend. 13 NATCH’s Earned: Ann H./Cody NATCH & V-NATCH Shannon/Pluto V-NATCH Cindy/Jess NATCH Cindy/Ellie NATCH Amanda/Olivia NATCH Josh/Jasmine NATCH Jean/Cierra NATCH & V-NATCH Ann G./Phoebe NATCH Debbie/Deena NATCH Beth/Repo NATCH Beverly/Trooper NATCH Congratulations to all the teams. 👏🏻🎉 We also handed out some special awards (BEST IN CLASS & HIGH IN TRIAL). The dogs/handlers who earned the Best in Class awards earned the most Qs in the Elite, Open, Novice, or Intro classes over the weekend. The dog/handler who earned the High in Trial award earned the most Qs over all. Best In Intro: Amanda/Piper Best In Novice: Billie/Kurfew Best In Open: Ann H./Nikki Best In Elite: Kristina/Stark High In Trial: Kristina/Stark Way to go!! You all did fantastic. 👏🏻 Please make sure to check out/like the Jumping Chollas Facebook page. Photos and future trial information will be posted on there. Our next NADAC trial is Dec. 17-19 @ Paseo Verde Park. This trial has already filled but, feel free to come out and watch and enjoy the atmosphere. The January 2022 NADAC premium will be available very soon. We will announce when it is available. Make sure to get your entries in fast as our trials have been filling with in a couple weeks. See you at the next trial & have a wonderful week, Jared Gibson Jumping Chollas Agility Club NADAC Show Chair Photos below taken by Ron Boe.

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  • Trials & Events | Jumping Chollas

    Top of Page Upcoming JCAC Trials & Events Please REFRESH this page when you visit to ensure your computer / phone is loading the latest versions of the premiums. JCAC Club Meeting Date: TBA Start Time: 6 PM ​ ​ Jumping Chollas Agility Patch (JCAC), Phoenix 25128 N 15th Ave, Phoenix, AZ ​ Send other agenda items to Alice Nicholson at or Club Secretary, Ann Hammersly, at ahammeragility [remove space] NADAC Agility Trial July 12, 2023 Nightime Trial! Jumping Chollas Agility Patch (JCAC), Phoenix 25128 N 15th Ave, Phoenix, AZ ​ Opens June 7 Closes July 7 Test Secretary: Ann Hammersly ahammeragility [remove space] ​ Enter Online (PayPal payments only!) PREMIUM NADAC Agility Trial July 25, 2023 Nightime T rial! Jumping Chollas Agility Patch (JCAC), Phoenix 25128 N 15th Ave, Phoenix, AZ ​ Opens June 20 Closes July 20 Test Secretary: Beth Nicholson refbcmshr [remove space] ​ Enter Online (PayPal payments only!) PREMIUM 2023 Agility Trials NADAC TRIALS January 20-22 at Paseo Verde Park in Peoria February 11 Junior Handler only show at the PATCH February 17-19 at Paseo Verde Park March 17-19 at Saguaro Ranch Park April 14-19 JCAC Patch May 13-14 at WestWorld of Scottsdale July 7 JCAC Patch July 25 JCAC Patch ​ ​ JCAC of GP AKC TRIALS January 13-15 at Paradise Valley Park February 10-12 , Phoenix Children's Hosp. (Scent Work trials) March 4-5 at Paradise Valley Park October 2 8 -2 9 at Paseo Verde Park 2024 K9 Cares, January 13 – 15, at Paradise Valley Park March 2-3 at Paseo Verde Park

  • 2023 Results | Phoenix AZ | JCAC

    Top of Page 2023 JCAC Results ​ May 13 - 14, 2023 NADAC Agility May 13 Jumpers Regular TNG May 14 Chances Regular Weavers ​ Apr. 14 - 16, 2023 NADAC Agility Apr. 14 Grounders Tunnelers Apr. 15 Jumpers Regular Weavers Apr. 16 Chances Regular TNG Mar. 17 - 19, 2023 NADAC Agility Mar. 17 Gamblers Weavers Mar. 18 Grounders Regular Weavers Mar. 19 Jumpers Regular TNG ​ Mar. 4-5, 2023 AKC Agility Mar. 4 FAST JWW STD T2B Mar. 5 JWW STD T2B ​ Feb. 17 - 19, 2023 NADAC Agility Feb. 17 Gamblers Weavers Feb. 18 Jumpers Regular TNG Feb. 19 Chances Regular Tunnelers ​ Feb. 11, 2023 NADAC Agility Jr Handler Competition Feb. 11 Jumpers Regular Tunnelers ​ Feb 10 - 12 2023 AKC Scentwork Feb 10 Handler Discrim 1 Handler Discrim 2 Feb 11 All Elements & Levels Feb 11 All Elements & Levels ​ Jan. 20 - 22, 2023 NADAC Agility Jan. 20 Grounders Weavers Jan. 21 Jumpers Regular TNG Jan. 22 Chances Regular Tunnelers ​ ​

  • About Jumping Chollas Agility Club, Phoenix AZ

    Top of Page Our Team Members At Large Other Key Roles Our Team Effective June 2022 Alice Nicholson President Renee Stanneart Memberships & Treasurer Ann Hammersly Secretary Wendy Hultsman Training Director About Our Agility Club Jumping Chollas Agility Club (JCAC) was founded in December 1993 with a handful of charter members and 23 students as a non-profit agility training club and as a club to sponsor trials under the sanctioning of the North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC ). In 2013, JCAC created the Jumping Chollas of Greater Phoenix (JCGP) entity to be affiliated with the American Kennel Club (AKC), and now hosts AKC agility trials. In April 2019, Jumping Chollas of Greater Phoenix was approved to host AKC scent work trials. JCAC is located in the northwest Phoenix-Glendale-Peoria area of Arizona at 25128 N. 15th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85085 , which features a two-acre site with 30,000 sq. ft. of sports turf. We train our students for competition in three agility titling venues: ​ North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) American Kennel Club (AKC), and United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA). Our goals are to support the sport of dog agility and provide role models for responsible dog ownership. ​ In addition to agility and scent classes, we also organize and offer seminars, demonstrations, trials and other events . ​ Our Team Members at Large Jeff Newman Sue Boe Ann Allen Other Key Roles Jared Gibson Jared Gibson NADAC Trial Chair AKC Trial Chair Carol Ketcherside AKC Trial Chair Sylvia Dorosh Webmaster, Forms, Facebook Members At Large Other Key Roles

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