Fun Runs & Mini Trials 


As usual, JCAC will be hosting Summer Fun Runs this summer at the Cholla Patch (25200 N. 15th Ave.), on Tuesday nights, as well as some “mini seminars” (if scheduled) will be scheduled later.. Unless noted otherwise below, the Summer Fun Runs start at 7:15 p.m. and end about 9:30 p.m. or whenever everyone has run twice (could be more if time warrants).

NOTE: these fun runs are for JCAC students only. Admission for non-JCAC students will be determined on a case by case basis, primarily depending upon space/parking availability. Contact the Yvette Cook at rnragilek9s @gmail.com [remove space], if you want to attend any of the summer events and are not currently a JCAC student.


We will run 2 rings simultaneously; with a course for Intermediate/Advanced levels and Novice will have the NADAC Beginner class exercises to practice or other exercises to work on.  Also, the Novice exercise can be done by any JCAC student who has completed the Beginner I class, unless otherwise noted. Only students that have finished Intermediate I and above will be able to run on the Advanced course (those in Intermediate I and above) There should be time to run the course twice. If there is time, you may be able to run again, but this will depend upon attendance.


You can come for some of the Fun Runs, or all of the Fun Runs. If you desire, you can pay for all 10 Tuesday nights at a discount rate. The cost is as follows: $8 per night per dog for Jumping Chollas members, $10 per night per dog for non-members (instructors run free). If you pay for all the nights on the first night, the summer package price is $60 for members, $80 for non-members. Junior handlers is $5.00 per night or $40.00 for the package.


The Thursday night mini-seminars (if scheduled) will start at 7:00 p.m. and go to about 9:30 p.m. Price will be $10 per dog per mini-seminar. These seminars are open to all JCAC students who have completed at least the Foundation class, unless otherwise noted.


Here is the tentative JCAC summer schedule, fun runs, mini seminars, and shows (subject to change as necessary).  All shows double run format with Intro – max 75-80 dogs each night.

NOTE: The start of fall class session is September 28, 2020.


June 2020

06/03/20 – Fun Run #1 (Wednesday) - Hoopers

06/11/20 – Fun Run #2 (Thursday) – Jumpers with Weaves

06/17/20 – JCAC mini Gamblers trial (Wednesday)

06/23/20 – Fun Run #3 (Tuesday) - Time 2 Beat

06/30/20 – Fun Run #4 (Tuesday) - Tunnelers


July 2020

07/02/20 – JCAC mini Tunnelers trial (Thursday)

07/07/20 – Fun Run #5 (Tuesday) – Weavers

07/14/20 – Fun Run #6 (Tuesday) – Touch N Go

07/18/20 – JCAC mini TNG trial (Saturday)

07/22/20 – JCAC mini Weavers trial (Wednesday)

07/28/20 – Fun Run #7 (Tuesday) - Gamblers


August 2020

08/06/20 – Fun Run #8 (Thursday) - Snooker

08/11/20 – JCAC mini Hoopers/Barrelers trial (Tuesday)

08/15/20 – JCAC mini TNG trial (Saturday)

08/20/20 – JCAC mini Gamblers trial (Thursday)

08/27/20 – Fun Run #9 (Thursday) - FAST

08/29/20 – JCAC mini Tunnelers trial (Saturday)


September 2020

09/08/20 – Fun Run #10 (Tuesday) - Chances

09/15/20 – JCAC mini Weavers trial (Tuesday)

Fall classes start September 28, 2020.