Class Application Forms

1.  The Regular Class Application is for anyone who wants to register for the various agility classes offered 4 times per year.  Experienced Jr. Handlers should use this application to register for a regular class.
2.  The Foundation & Relationship class is for puppies and dogs that have never done agility before, are just starting out in agility, or for those dogs that haven't trained with JCAC before. 
The Jr. Handling Class Application is for Juniors who are just starting out in agility and who wish to sign up for the 16-week Jr. Handling Class session.  There are only 2 sessions / year.  Do NOT use this form if you are an experienced Jr. Handlers wanting to sign up for "regular' class. 
4.  This form should be self-evident but in case it's not, it's to be used ONLY by instructors and designated club officials.
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