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New Webmaster

Jumping Chollas members, instructors, students and followers:

Please welcome to Jumping Chollas, SYLVIA DOROSH, our new webmaster, who is working diligently to get our new website up and ready for launch!!!

We want to give many, many thanks to Jeannine Doepke and Wendy Wells who have “been in the trenches” for years, providing access to the information on the JCAC website, premiums and results and work behind the scenes. Both women will be staying on for a little while longer as Sylvia puts the finishing touches on the new website, but once that happens they will no longer be working on the web.

Having said that, the new JCAC website will look different, so don’t panic over changes. As with everything in our world, some changes occur every day and this will be one of them, so be patient and work with us as we launch the new site.

I hope you will make Sylvia feel welcome (she runs Vizslas and comes from Canada), and if you haven’t met her, she will be at the Club Meeting on January 8!!

Alice Nicholson

President, Jumping Chollas


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