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New look, new features!

Welcome to the JCAC's new website which went live on March 21, 2018! We hope you like the appearance and the features.

~ It's secure (https).

~ It's mobile friendly to make viewing on your smart phone or I-Pad easier

~ The membership and application forms are "smart' forms, mobile friendly & also secure (https).

~ Applicants will receive an electronic copy of their membership and/or class application via email, along with a PDF version.

~ The JCAC calendar is a 'moving calendar' linked to a Google account and lists all JCAC events and events taking place at the Patch that are hosted by other clubs. You can download these events to your own calendar.

~ Information has been reorganized and it's hoped - easier to find.

~ The site is less text heavy and the colour scheme is lighter.

~ It has a blog / news tab where we will post announcements and changes and these will be searchable via tags and categories.

~ Changes, updates, and news can easily be linked to the club's Facebook account so you'll also see more activity on our Facebook page.

If you have any questions, feedback or updates, please email the new


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