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Barkfest Peoria!

On March 24th, an all-female team of several JCAC members and their dogs, set up a small ring at Sonoran Mountain Ranch Park in Peoria to do three 15 minute agility demos for the public at Peoria's 2018 Barkfest between 8 and 11 AM. JCAC members with dogs were Yvette Cook, Christine Gibson, Monica Garrett, Lisa Shelton, Sylvia Dorosh, Ruth Armstrong and Lou with Aussies. Sharon who owns Afghans, but didn't bring them, came out to support the club as well.

The public, including JCAC members, were treated to FREE coffees, yummy homemade donuts and free photo booth pics. Lots of fun and a great opportunity to practice with our dogs.

In exchange for helping the city of Peoria by showing up at their first Barkfest, the city is going to give JCAC a free weekend use of Paseo Verde Park - worth about $750! That's a major savings for JCAC thanks to these dedicated club members!! THANKS PEORIA and THANKS ladies!


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