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Pet Expo 2018

Those who are involved with the Jumping Chollas Agility Club should be very proud of the people you work and train with! On Saturday and Sunday, May 26-27, 2018 the following people gave of their time to provide a highly enjoyable and entertaining two days:

Thank you Sue Boe, who organized the booth at West World. Thanks to Billie Rosen for setting up the volunteers and as a mediator with the Pet Expo organization.

Thanks to Lisa Esquivel, Patty Meadows, Judy Weinstein, Lisa Shelton, Carol Ketcherside, Jeannie Lovell, Joanne Souza, Amy Wood, Rich Phillips, Joanie Peterson, Linda Jacobs, Anne Allen and Illyse Stern for coming and bringing their dogs for a demonstration of how all different breeds can learn agility. Thanks to my husband Jim for helping set the ring and directing the public into the ring for their agility participation.

Thank you Anne Justice-Allen and Linda Jacobs for transporting equipment to and from the Patch.

Thank you Ilyse and Anne for joining me at the Channel 3 television interview early Sunday morning -

A special shout-out to Diane Kramer who may need to take up another career as announcer, because her descriptions of the demonstration's, the helpfulness to the public with their attempts at the tunnel, and keeping attention directed to the JCAC booth was instrumental in making our activity one of the most successful at the Pet Expo this year!

I expect our classes to be larger next year if the number of people asking for information and going home with our brochures is any indication!

Great job everyone!!


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