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NADAC Rule Changes

Here are several rule changes taking effect in the next few months.

  1. Starting August 2019, Bonus runs for Regular only will be judged like at Championships, there will be 4 sections on the course and for each section you complete in flow from the bonus box/line, you will get certain number of points, DRI’s will also be a factor for how many points

  2. Gamblers will be making a return as a NADAC class, effective August 2019. This will be different than the original Gamblers, but will be a distance strategy game. For the first year or so, clubs can offer Gamblers without regard to the usual run limits.

  3. Starting in January 2020, judges will have to design their own courses again. For those who don’t know, for many years, NADAC has had a course book and judges are given the courses. So we will start to see more variation in the courses!!!! But, this is going to cause judging fees to be increased by $.50 a run, and inflation and increased workloads will result in NADAC fees increasing by $.50. So JCAC will need to consider increasing our entry fees for NADAC trials by $1 a run to offset this increase.

  4. Beginning in June 2019, at the Intro and Novice levels only, you will be able to run with a non-squeaky toy, although it will be an E (similar to some other venues).

  5. Beginning in June 2019, dogs will be allowed to tug on their leash in the ring and around the ring, even with a toy attached to the leash, however ! the dog’s feet MUST stay on the ground, i.e. no aggressive tugging, and you must not tug within 10’ of another dog.

  6. There will be an adjustment to run limits which considers the number of course builds and rounds.

  7. Clubs must give a refund for a bitch in season (JCAC already does that).

  8. There will a provision for a judge helper for 2 ring shows that go over entry limits. JCAC hasn’t gone over in a while, so this won’t affect us yet (but we can hope it might in the future).


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