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Election Results

Thanks to the 18 members of the Club who were present at the June 3rd, 2019 club meeting and election. We had a great time socializing and eating in addition to our meeting!!

Officers elected were:

President, Alice Nicholson

Secretary, Amy Wood

Treasurer, Julie Grant

Training Director, Wendy Hultsman

Members At Large: Ann Hammersly, Ruth DeMar and Sue Boe

One change we did make was that the meeting night will be changed from Monday night to Sunday night to accommodate those instructors who teach on Monday night. Hopefully this will bring more people to the table!!

Thank you members, instructors and students for another great year!! We will see you back in class on Monday, September 30, 2019........

Enjoy your summer, stay well and safe.


Alice Nicholson

President, Jumping Chollas


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